Stop/Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy to Stop/Quit Smoking is divided into two different program approaches:


The Two Session ProgramNo_Smoking_-_American_Cancer_Society's_Great_American_Smoke_Out


  The 5Phase Insight                        Approach


Two Sessions Program

Stop Smoking

The first is a Two Session Program designed for the person who is highly motivated to stop/quit smoking; is more of a social smoker or has stopped successfully in the past only to restart again later.


The First Session will likely have you stop or cut down quite easily.


The Second Session is most important because although the first session will likely have you stop or cut down the second is designed to sever any mental or emotional ties with cigarettes which is needed to remain stopped.


The Two Sessions are most effective when the Second Session is scheduled within five days of the First Session and for this reason both dates are booked into the Appointments Calendar at the time of Initial Booking.

It is therefore most important you attend both Sessions.

Payment for both Sessions is payable prior to commencement of the Initial Session and confirms Booking of both Appointments.


Basically the Two Sessions Approach is suitable for those who have successfully stopped themselves in the past for a period of time but who have started again and now wish to quit for good.


The other program is the 5Phase Insight Approach which normally takes between 4 – 5 Sessions.

An individual’s reasons that drive her/him to smoke is varied hence the number of sessions required may vary from person to person.


The 5Phase Insight Approach is designed for those who have ‘stopped’ many times before and every time the experience has been too stressful, emotional or upsetting to remain stopped or your family may have begged you to restart as you became a ‘cranky and irritable’ when stopped.


The 5Phase’ Insight’ Approach 

The 5Phase Insight Approach uncovers the emotions which are driving the ‘smoking behaviour and through a systematic process neutralising them thereby eradicating the strong desire to continue smoking.


This is a deeper therapy for those whose need to smoke is too great to stop on their own and usually is as a result of underlying deeply embedded emotions.


These are uncomfortable emotions drive the need to ‘distract’ in order to relieve from feeling bad.  Smoking is such a ‘distraction’ and may be used to distract from many situations where there is a need to ‘check out’ or ‘time out’ temporarily


These emotions are successfully neutralised through a process of Insight Hypnotherapy by eradicating the ‘driving force’ thereby eliminating the need to continue the distracting behaviour such as smoking.


NOW is the right time to make a true self-investment to Stop/Quit Smoking.


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