5PATH is the Elite of all Hypnotherapy when looking for personal Transformation.

It is both a Process and a Format which addresses:  The Inner Child, Anger, Guilt and Self Forgiveness to free you from the past, allowing you to be ever present in your ‘now and future’.

5PATH was devised and patented by a Professional Psychologist who became a Master Hypnotherapist, namely Calvin Banyan, having drawn on his experiences of Psychology and Hypnotherapy to devise and integrate the two disciplines to create a deep, effective therapy resulting in lasting positive change.

5PATH is an abbreviation which stands for Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy and the testimonials below best describe its efficacy from those who have experienced its benefits:

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5PATH Testimonials

‘You have given me the greatest gift of all … to love and accept myself and to open up to all the beautiful things that this life has to offer’ Grig (Abbrev.) Edinburgh


‘After completing 5PATH programme, I can say I see a dramatic difference within me. My anxiety levels have decreased; I feel more pro-active towards my goals; my fear has been transmuted, it is now excitement and motivation. I can’t stop recommending 5 PATH and especially Jill’s care and compassion. A true therapist working from the heart for the highest good of all. Thank you!’  Ana, Edinburgh


‘Working with Jill and experiencing 5 Path has been such a wonderful opportunity. Jill is so gifted and 5 Path is a powerful modality that has allowed me to heal on a deep level. I would highly recommend Jill and her work as it’s the real deal and having made the commitment to myself has been nothing short of a blessing’  Aiysha, Edinburgh


‘From the heart I give you the following: I could write in great detail about the many positive benefits you can expect from 5PATH hypnotherapy with Jill. For the purpose of brevity, if you want to uncover and remove unhelpful perceptions, beliefs, patterns, etc, then rest assured that Jill’s professional talent, expertise and integrity will lead you to meaningful, valuable and lasting change in your life. Thanks again for your generosity of talent, temperament and time’ David, Edinburgh


‘Jill is a very professional and yet a very warm person. You will feel quickly at ease in a trusting relationship. There is nothing to be afraid of as regard hypnotherapy and The 5 Path program, as it is a very progressive and logical process. You will always remain in control. As you go through the different steps, you will feel that “your mind filling cabinet” is sorting itself out in order to be at its best to serve you. It is as simple as this, and also as powerful as this’ Clotilde, Edinburgh