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It is my pleasure to introduce you to my        Edinburgh Hypnotherapy Service and               explain how it can benefit you.


Hypnotherapy is a rapid, effective method – working with the subconscious mind – to bring about positive life-changing results.  It is especially powerful for those who have tried everything else unsuccessfully and have, as a result, lost hope.

                                                 WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY?

  • Through the ‘bypass’ of the *Critical Factor selective suggestions given by the hypnotherapist can be accepted into the subconscious mind and effect positive change, getting rid of unwanted behaviours.
  • FireIt is perfectly Safe and the ‘trance-like’ state of hypnosis is something we are all familiar with;  when glancing into space, watching the TV screen, sitting on a bus or on a regular drive to work when our mind naturally wanders and drifts’ elsewhere’ more commonly referred to as a day dreaming and sometime we are unable to recall the drive in or what was showing on TV.  Such  times you were indeed in a light state of ‘hypnosis’.

We all go into this ‘trance like’ state from time to time and it is in this state we are most ‘suggestible’ and therefore changeable and able to absorb more readily suggestions which will work for us rather than against us to achieve our desired change.

desk1Hypnotherapy is used to bring about a similar state and thereby access and overcome limiting and often erroneous beliefs may prevent or block us from developing the behaviours which best serve us; for example continuing to smoke when you want to stop or eating excessively when you want to maintain or reduce weight.

It is not mind control nor can anyone be hypnotised against their will.  It is a fully consensual state between the Hypnotherapy Practitioner and the Client.

*Critical Factor:  acts like a ‘filter’ allowing acceptable suggestions’ to pass beyond the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind where our behaviours live


Hypnotherapy Service for:

Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Stress, Boosting Confidence/Self Esteem, Exam Nerves, Fear of Flying, Fears & Phobias, Improve your Game/Sport, Public Speaking, Stop/Quit Smoking, Relaxation, Sleep Insomnia, Weight Loss, Easi-birthing and much more…

Want to know if hypnotherapy can help you or wish to Book your Session or Place a Query.

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