Sleep Insomnia


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Hypnosis is a powerful tool to aid sleep deprivation (insomnia).

By a process known as ‘Insight Therapy’ hypnotherapy uncovers the underlying issues causing sleep disturbances thus allowing the Hypnotherapist to neutralise them and restore a more beneficial sleep pattern.


The Importance of Quality Sleep


Quality Sleep is Important because it:

1.    Recharges the body’s Energy Levels

2.    Strengthens the Immune System

3.    Heals and Repairs Tissues

4.    Allows the Lymphatic System to drain

5.    Releases Growth Hormone

6.    Secretes Serotonin


This is not an exhaustive list of the body’s restorative requirements during sleep but the depth of sleep required to achieve these is known as REM sleep and several cycles of it are required nightly.

 Poor or REM deficient sleep can be caused by:


Medications       Drug Use        Cigarettes          Alcohol       Caffeine         Injury

Consumption       Light         Noise         Snoring        Worry       Stress   Concerns


Being deprived of fully restorative sleep can result in the body’s systems not functioning to optimum capacity thus leaving you:


  • Lethargic on waking/during day – Impaired performance
  • Cognitive processes slower – Difficulty to stay focused
  • Low Blood Sugar Levels – Sweet cravings
  • Lowered Tolerance Levels –  Short temper/Easy loss of temper


Hypnosis techniques applied during the ‘Insight’ Therapy has the power to help you regain control, resetting the Circadian Rhythm giving you the quality of regenerative and restorative Sleep you need to function at your best.


It is a safe, effective method of restoring your natural sleep cycle regaining your life quality.


Time to get back on track – NOW is a good time to start …


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