Boosting Self Confidence/Self Esteem


hopeWhat is it and why is a degree of it necessary to live life the way we want to?

Why do we need ‘Self Confidence’ and what purpose does positive ‘Self Esteem’ serve?

Would you like to believe in yourself with more conviction?

Be able to join in instead of saying ‘no’ to opportunities to grow?


The Inner Belief System

Make it happen, motivational messsageOur ‘inner’ belief system of who we are and what we are capable of is seated within our Subconscious Mind and has been created by various influences and means over our life time.

The main influences may have come from our close guardians during our up bringing, our teachers and authoritarian figure heads, our friends and peers. Some from external influences; the media, reading, travel etc but not all have had a positive effect.


Negative Inputs

Circumstances both within and beyond our control can negatively effect us at deep levels when retained in the Subconscious Mind.  At this level, if left unchecked and unchallenged they become part of our belief system which effects our feelings and emotions and ultimately our behaviours.


The Distractors

The unwanted behaviours are often a means to distract; to distract our attention away from an unwanted feeling or emotion ie smoking a cigarette when stressed or over eating

This  ‘need to distract’ from hurtful or unpleasant feelings often has as it’s root cause in an emotion such as ‘fear, anger or guilt’ and is usually based on an ‘erroneous belief’ that we may be unaware of at a conscious level.

These erroneous  ‘beliefs’ can be revealed through ‘Insight’ work with Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and successfully neutralised positively effecting and changing the behaviour.


Inner Capacity Marginalized by Wrongful Inputs

It may be likened to a computer which runs freely until beset by a virus.  It then corrupts the program, slows the system down and gives some erroneous results.

With Hypnotherapy using ‘Insight’ work any erroneous beliefs can be neutralized and eradicated helping you to be free to hold healthy views of yourself allowing you to be all you want to be to live life confidently, self assured.



Poor Self Esteem is usually indicative of holding a negative image of yourself in your own ‘mind’s eye’.

It may be a negative physical, mental or emotional belief you hold of yourself which can be the direct or indirect result of having been in receipt of verbal, physical or mental abuse from another person or group of persons which has harmed your subconscious ‘framing’ of yourself.


The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay this way.

The inner dialogue which remains is not yours and does not belong to you.

Insight work with Hypnotherapy can rid you of these harmful ‘inner voices’ which suppress your capacity to feel worthy and become all you wish yourself to be.

The Hypnotherapy process used is a structured, phased and tested system which has wonderful results by getting the root of the problem and removing it allowing you to be your worthy self with Self Worth, Self Belief and high Self Esteem.


You ARE worth it ….. so what are you waiting for …


NOW is the time to make the changes you want for your life


Make it Happen!

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