What is it and why is it important?


  • It is allowing your body and mind to be unencumbered with the daily obligations and demands from which it feels compelled to act/react.


  • It is essential for restorative health.



Insufficient relaxation causes the body to tire and stress.


Chronic stress makes extra demands on the adrenal system to produce and excrete stress hormones into the body’s system increasing heart rate and blood pressure which can lead to more serious conditions such as a heart attack or stroke.


Hypnosis is an excellent means to relax this state,  addressing and adjusting your inner settings effectively, thereby reducing your sensitivity and reaction to stressful events.  

It can take you on a journey, in a dream-like state where you can re-experience the happier phases of your life and bring that positive feeling back with you into the present moment.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful, quick method to help you to relax and take time for yourself each day to do something you want to do – just for you.


Scheduling time to relax will have an all round beneficial effect not only in your personal life and relationships but also in your work environment where a calmer more relaxed confident you will be able to be more creative with an increased efficiency and work performance.


Being more relaxed will benefit all aspects of your life/health and hypnosis is a great way to start it off with some new techniques to help you on your way.


So what are you waiting for … it’s time to take back control and Book your Session.


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