Fears & Phobias

Time for you to Conquer that Fear or Phobia

Spider WebFirst,  let’s clarify the difference: Fear is a strong emotional desire to withdraw from its source and there is a long list of how it can personally effect an individual; whether it be a fear of needles, bees, heights, thunder, failure, dentists, flying etc.

A Phobia is an exaggerated fear which is not based in reality and can be completely debilitating. It may be diagnosed by a licensed medical practitioner.


How Hypnotherapy can Help with Fears & Phobias

We are not born with fears and phobias – they are formed from erroneous beliefs which were registered in the subconscious mind some time in the past.

speiderPhobiaThese are rarely remembered so Hypnosis Insight Therapy is required to accurately locate them.

Through the Hypnosis Insight process the true cause of the Fear or Phobia is revealed which can then be effectively neutralized.

This allows the subconscious mind access to a new perception based in reality adjusting the inner belief to a realistic level.


These are ‘life changing’ therapies as they reveal not only the true source where the Fear/Phobia started but often reveal other erroneous beliefs and perceptions which have held the individual back from living life to the full.


The Benefits of Hypnosis to uncover these Insights brings about a positive shift in the thinking at a deep level thereby liberating you from the ‘fears’ that are holding you back.


The Insight Therapies are normally completed in 4 Sessions though some may require more.


Want to experience that Fear or Phobia for the rest of your life or is it time to do something about it?  

Let’s work together to get you back in control of your life.


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