Exam Nerves

So what ran through your mind when you looked at the picture of the Examination Room?


  • Did you feel your heart miss a beat or those familiar clammy hands and perspiring forehead?


  • Does just thinking about sitting that exam or exams fill you with trepidation?


Exam Nerves can be debilitating and can take you from feeling fairly confident to sit and pass the test to not knowing why you ever thought you could put yourself through the ordeal!

You may wonder why such a task as sitting an exam should upset when logic and reasoning tell you otherwise.Exam Nerves

You know that sitting the test itself holds no threat to life but it can feel like your life depends on it.

The body doesn’t always correctly distinguish what is a real physical threat from what is mental stress and can go into overdrive initiating the ‘fight or flight‘ reaction and pumping out adrenaline which can be debilitating and adversely effect your performance whilst undertaking the test/exam.


These bodily responses are a result of subconscious perceptions and beliefs.


They need to addressed at the subconscious level which is achieved through hypnosis where they can be re-addressed to work for you instead of against you – helping you feel calm, reassured and confident knowing you will perform to your best.


All the work and preparation you have put into your studies will be rewarded with results based only on your Exam Performance.


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