Anxiety & Stress

  • stressed woman at the windowFeel on edge all or some of the time?


  • Unable to feel the calmness within?


  • Do you have underlying uneasiness carving up your inner peace?


Many experience a heightened state of ‘alertness’ when challenged or outwith their regular routine or ‘comfort zone’. For some an anxious state can come on suddenly and happens for no ‘apparent’ reason and for others the cause is known to them.


Do you experience and exhibit the classic symptoms of stress?

  1. dry mouth
  2. talking/breathing quickly
  3. trembles/twitches and muscle tensing
  4. headaches
  5. palpitations
  6. short temper


Often such symptoms are caused through a ‘known’ factor  such as meeting someone for the first time or going for an interview but some are felt for no ‘apparent’ reason and in both regards, hypnotherapy can help reset your

Breaking ropesensitivity levels so that you no longer overreact and remain calm and in control.  

To achieve this we use hypnosis/hypnotherapy to re-educate the inner  mind, the ‘subconscious’, where beliefs and behaviours live.

Experiencing a heightened sensitivity as we do during ‘stress and anxiety’ works against us causing adrenaline to flood our system unnecessarily.  Like an over-sensitive car alarm sounds to warn off an invader when too close, our inner system can go into overdrive creating increased tension and/or a pounding heart, resulting in discomfort, disharmony and distress.


Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind where our behaviours live and effectively and rapidly resets the sensitivity to a more normal level thus neutralizing the cause and eradicating/alleviating the symptoms to a normal more manageable level, helping you feel calm, confident and back in control.


Isn’t it time you got back in control of your inner settings and have them work for you?


NOW is the time to take your first step to make the changes you want for your life.


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