Public Speaking



public_speaking1Do you feel comfortable with the task of addressing a group or auditorium full of people?


If not it can be a nerve-racking and debilitating disposition.


Even making a wedding speech on behalf of the happy couple, relaying a work assignment to colleagues or delivering a presentation can raise anxiety levels resulting in a racing heart, clammy hands and a perspiring forehead.


Why do such tasks completely debilitate those normally confident to go about their business and completely silence the shy more retiring type of person?


Simply answered the reasons are buried in the subconscious mind which is where our ‘behaviours’, ‘beliefs’ and perceptions live.


More importantly what can be done to help?


Through the Hypnosis Insight process the true cause can be revealed which can then be effectively neutralised.  This allows the subconscious mind access to a new perception based in reality and thereby re-arranging and adjusting the inner belief to a realistic level.


These are ‘life changing’ therapies as they reveal not only the true source where the ‘anxiety’ started but often reveal other erroneous beliefs and perceptions which have held the individual back from living life to the full.


The Benefits of Hypnosis/hypnotherapy to uncover these Insights creates a positive shift in the thinking at a deep level liberating you from the ‘anxious states/fears’ holding you back.


Insight Therapies are normally completed in 4 Sessions though occasionally, dependant on the individual, may require more.


Want to continue struggling or to rise above it to deliver a polished, professional performance to be proud of, to confidently and competently make your mark?


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