Fear of Flying

A Fear of Flying can be as debilitating a ‘fear’ as any fear or phobia and is usually caused through the body’s over-reaction to a misconceived idea or erroneous perception deep within the subconscious mind

In short this means that the ‘fear’ cannot be just ‘talked’ away through normal verbal communication which mainly uses conscious thought.Fear of Flying

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is used to re-educate the negative misconception or erroneous belief  in the subconscious which is causing excessive fear and replace it with positive, calming confidence and reassurance.

This effectively and speedily neutralises it’s negative effect.

Remedy – Coming from an aviation background I am able to offer a multi-dimensional approach to neutralize a ‘fear of flying’


Satisfy the conscious mind’s need for logic understanding: 

A brief factual technical knowledge helps calm the conscious mind.  

Being fully informed with accurate aerodynamic facts satisfies the conscious mind’s need for logic understanding of the forces which support and maintain a large aircraft in the air


On a deeper level the hypnotherapist using the 5Phase Program process will source the true cause of the fear of flying and effectively neutralize it. Positive expectations will replace the previous negative concerns allowing confidence and a feeling of calm to emerge


You will experience the safety of a ‘virtual’ flight whilst under hypnosis in the comfort of my Consultation Room.  

This will have a powerful transformational effect changing how you feel about flying at a deep level.

You will depart the hypnotherapy sessions calm, confident and reassured knowing you feel able to board a flight with a new found confidence and maintain that feeling throughout the flight/s knowing the ‘fear of flying’ has been effectively neutralized.  See testimonials below:


 Fear of Flying

‘Thought I’d give you an update on my flight … Best flight ever, honestly!! Will fill you in on all the details when I return, but thanks to you I was calm and could actually enjoy flying for the first time ever!!!  Even spent a lot of the time looking out the window which would’ve never happened before.  Thank you so much’  Nicola, Dunfermline


‘Dear Jill  Thank you so much for all your help to help me to get over my fear of flying. It has been my passion for many years and your support and expertise as a pilot has helped me get over my fear. I personally want to fly myself as I did when I was younger and I appreciate you helping me feel this way again’

Tristan, Edinburgh


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