Weight Loss

  • Is your desired figure or outline reflected back to you in the mirror?
  • Do you feel confident with your image?
  • Would you like to feel as good inside as you would like to look on the outside? 


You are being offered a hypnotherapy service which will help you achieve it by re-educating and strengthening your inner resolve.

Been on many diets that don’t seem to work?

  • Lost hope ever gaining your desired goal?



Often we rely on ‘willpower’ to change our behaviours and habits which initially works quite well until we are hit with some upsetting news or weaken our resolve with a few drinks often resulting in giving up and seeking food as a comforter.

With the use of hypnotherapy, I can help re-establish a positive belief system within you that will work with your efforts to lose weight transforming your experience of weight loss.

Not only will it infuse you with a new confidence, it will help make the diets that don’t work – work!



NOW is the right time to start

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