Improve your Game/Sport

  • Want to Improve your Game or Sport?


  •  Want to Excel and be the best you can be?


  • How can Hypnotherapy help what appears purely Physical Sport or Mental challenge?


All styles and types of challenge, physical, mental, emotional or a mix of them all require cognitive prompts which, through the training received in our chosen game/sport/hobby/interest, are ‘directed’ into specific movements.

Running Against Time


In order for your ‘training’ to be put into action a ‘flow’ is set to run between the mind and the body.

If the ‘flow’ is in harmony between mind and body the resulting action will be delivered smoothly and continuously to the desired results;  the ones which you have been training and working towards.

Problems happen when this ‘flow’ is interrupted.

Life happens and the normal ups and downs can adversely affect our ability to concentrate.

Focus and concentration negatively effected will interrupt this ‘flow’ resulting in a ‘play’ (swing, serve, shot) that did not go as planned.


The annoying thing is you know you had everything set up in the best way possible to be enjoying the desired result but … oh no … you are wondering what just happened!

Been there …. know what I mean?

Well make this irritating feeling a part of your ‘game’ history and allow me to give you an edge.  Let’s construct a useful formula for future success.

Over Hurdle


Hypnosis concentrates your focus

boosts your confidence whilst you take

back control of that ‘flow’

so it works for you removing the blocks so you can enjoy the results you want.


Insight Therapy reveals these blocks, usually for the first time as they are formed in the subconscious mind. It is a process which is very effective, speedy and will reveal what has been holding you from achieving your desired results.


Usually 4 or so Hypnosis Sessions are required when working with Insight Therapies and once the blockages are removed you can expect to see a major positive shift in your performance.


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